LUXOR is on the market since 1959, in Italy as well as abroad. The original brooms and brushes’ manufacture was increased in the past with a wide range of house cleaning items.
So that today LUXOR is a firm with modern machineries which can assure a high flexibility of production by manufacturing products in many different models, colours and packagings.

Since ever LUXOR’s aim is to produce household items of high quality, with competitive prices and with particular care satisfying our customers’ requirements.


LUXOR CLEANING is a leader in the production of brushes, mops and household cleaning products.


For almost 60 years, day after day, we put heart and passion in what we produce.


We carefully select all the raw materials to produce our products and achieve the best quality.


Through new production processes we use entirely recycled materials and eco-friendly, without compromising product quality.


We provide our customers with all the know-how for the production of customized products including packaging.


Our company is present both on domestic and foreign markets. Our range of products is geared to: GDO, wholesalers and importers. Our products are also aimed at professional cleaning.

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